Tell your taste, know what to eat and where to go for it.

A free mobile app and a network of "eaters" sharing information to benefit each other. Keeping focus on food in the first row, venues second.

HungerHop helps in solving an every day problem of where to go for a lunch by showing you menu offers relevant for you. Or it notifies you when you're near to a restaurant with corresponding food.

You create a profile where you describe your taste using keywords. Then you search to know what's there for you nearby. See users' recommendations as they check and share what they're eating. See restaurants' offers they post.

Users can quickly edit the restaurant menu with autocompletion. They can comment and rate the food. Active users get reward ranks and badges which can be used to apply discounts in agreed restaurants.

Restaurants can edit their menus, build profiles, add their official voice to the information put down by users.

The project is now under development. If you want you can subscribe to get updates or help us raise money.

In progress, stay tuned